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Rachel Zegler often finds social media too much

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Rachel Zegler

Rachel Zegler often wonders if she needs social media in her life.

The 20-year-old, who found fame with last year’s West Side Story, is an active user of Twitter and Instagram, and often asks herself if social media is beneficial when users comment on “unnecessary” things such as her appearance or relationships.

“Every day, I watch as we distance ourselves further and further from love and understanding,” she said to ELLE magazine. “Everybody learns just how fast these people who claim to love you can turn on you in an instant. We put so many eggs in the basket of parasocial relationships and these expectations that are impossible for these normal human beings to meet, and then we feign disappointment when they don’t meet them.”

The acting newcomer admitted that while she has been “rightfully” called out for her mistakes, users also criticise her over trivial matters.

“There’s also just a lot of unnecessary things. Comments that people make about people’s relationships, their appearance, and the way that they decide to live their lives, even though it’s quite literally nobody else’s business but their own. You just sit back and think to yourself, ‘Do I need this?'” the star shared.

Rachel also praised her boyfriend, her West Side Story co-star Josh Andrés Rivera, for reminding her to take some time out from social media.

“He’s able to just snap me out of it, and tell me to stop checking my phone, or remind me of what actually matters, and remind me to be present, and to not focus on the opinions of 3,000 faceless strangers on the internet,” she stated.

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