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Rachel Zegler opens up about breast cancer scare

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Rachel Zegler

Rachel Zegler has opened up about experiencing a breast cancer scare two years ago.

The West Side Story actress took to her Instagram Stories on Saturday to share a photo that was taken in 2020 after she had undergone a biopsy.

“Two years ago, I found a lump in my breast and went through what was undoubtedly the scariest week of my life,” she wrote. “No OB/GYN was taking new patients due to the backlog of the pandemic, but I was fortunate to have the care of my pediatrician who prescribed me an ultrasound, which led to an out-patient biopsy procedure… Thankfully it was benign.”

Rachel went on to urge her fans to conduct regular self-examination and contact their doctor if they have any health concerns.

“Now the scar serves as a reminder to check my breasts regularly for any irregular growth – the fibroadenoma in my left breast is a common occurrence but nevertheless extremely scary to find,” the 21-year-old continued. “Early detection saves lives!!! Check your t**ty meat.”

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