Recap: The Bachelorette Premiere
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Recap: The Bachelorette Premiere

Season 14 of the Bachelorette with Minnesota’s own Becca Kufrin premiered on Monday night.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Minneapolis guy has already gone home!A little birdy (Elizabeth Ries) chatted with Becca about it, and Becca said she had met him numerous times and he had always been too cool for school towards her. So why was he interested now? RED FLAG. Goodbye, Jake.
    • Also eliminated: Chase, Kamil, Darius, Joe, Christian, and Grant
  • The quickest “Right Reasons” conversation EVER: Chris accused Chase of being there for the wrong reasons because he received incriminating texts from one of Chase’s ex-girlfriends. It paid off, because Chase was sent home, but that doesn’t make Chris look any less like Ben Stiller.
  • The frontrunner: Garrett, the guy who showed up in a mini-van, and who also received the first impression rose and first kiss. According to the former Bachelorettes who gave Becca advice at the beginning of the episode, this could mean he’s the one… BUT NO SPOILERS!
    • Also contenders: Colton, the football playing, charitable virgin (how do they find these guys?!) and Wills
  • Other highlights:
    • My pick to win got the boot! Joe is already gone, and some other people are surprised, too!
    • Jordan is acting. The male model is putting on quite a show, obviously a producer pick there for – you guessed it – the wrong reasons.
    • Most epic moment of the night: Former Harlem Globetrotter Christon dunking over Becca. If anyone did the damn thing last night, it was him.


Overheard — the must-hear quotes of the week:

“She needs a man that smells good.” – Jean Blanc

“I wanted Becca to hear the tapping of the shoes I wore because that’s just like the heartbeat of a gentleman.” – Thanks, Jordan.

“There’s the old stench of competition in the air and it’s going to get stinkier as the night goes on.” – Leo

“It was a really sweet moment, but like where is he getting all those animals from?” – Becca, on Blake’s entrance on a bull (he entered on a horse on After The Final Rose)

“I’m a software engineer. I made the app for venmo.” Settle down there, John.

“Oh my god so many balls! So many balls! I’m having a ball right now.” – Becca


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