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Rebel Wilson addresses journalist’s ‘grubby’ behaviour after press council ruling

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Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson has taken aim at a newspaper journalist’s “grubby” behaviour following a press council ruling in her favour.

In June, the Pitch Perfect actress announced she was in a same-sex relationship with fashion designer Ramona Agruma. A short time later, it was revealed that Rebel decided to go public with her romance to pre-empt an article in The Sydney Morning Herald that would have outed her.

Last week, officials at the Australian Press Council ruled that the journalist’s report “intruded on her reasonable expectations of privacy”, and on Saturday, Rebel took to Instagram to welcome the decision.

“Just seeing the news that the Australian Press Council has condemned The Sydney Morning Herald and their journalists for their recent grubby behaviour in trying to out my same-sex relationship. And while I didn’t personally ask for any action to be taken I am glad that this has been officially recorded and recognised,” she wrote alongside a snap of herself and Romana. “Their actions did cause Ramona and I a lot of distress and while we’ve remained classy, there are still pains from having to rush this news publicly which we are dealing with. We move on, focusing on all the absolutely amazing new things in our life though! Sending love to everyone.”

Following complaints about the article in question, it was removed from The Sydney Morning Herald’s website, with the editor also issuing an apology to Rebel.

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