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Rebel Wilson launches fluid dating app

Rebel Wilson Outside The 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Studios
Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson has announced the launch of her new dating app Fluid.

While speaking to People for an interview published on Tuesday, the Pitch Perfect star revealed that she would release a dating app named Fluid for those who don’t define their sexual orientation in fixed terms.

“This is the first dating app where you don’t have to actually define yourself or tick a box to say ‘I’m straight, I’m gay, I’m bisexual,’ and you don’t have to describe what you are looking for,” Rebel said of the upcoming app’s target audience and features. “What’s really cool is, it’s open to everyone.”

She continued, “You might just be interested in checking out a wider dating pool like I was. It covers a lot of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, but I think even if you’re straight you could use the app and have an amazing time.”

Explaining how “the algorithm just picks up who are you vibing with”, the actress shared that Fluid would be “open enough so that if your sexuality moves into a different direction, it will follow because of what you are preferring on the app”.

Rebel, one of the app’s co-founders, also opened up about how Fluid would have helped her when she was looking for love.

“I wish that this was around five years ago,” she said. “Something like this would have really helped me and maybe I would have stumbled upon a female’s profile and been like, ‘OK, maybe I do want to message them.’ I totally would have joined up for Fluid because you don’t have to label yourself in any way.”

The Australian actress revealed she was in her first relationship with a woman, fashion designer Ramona Agruma, in June 2022.

The Fluid app will be available later this month.

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