Remembering Troy Gentry
Donna Valentine

Remembering Troy Gentry

Donna interviewing Montgomery Gentry. Troy Gentry is on the right.

I was stunned to hear the news regarding the tragic death of Troy Gentry, of Montgomery Gentry fame, who lost his life in a helicopter accident en route to a New Jersey concert appearance.

Eddie and Troy  (or “T-Roy,” as Eddie called him) were a big part of my experiences in country radio. We had an established relationship with this duo. Their interviews, if not hilarious, were always enjoyable and positive, not to mention somewhat easy to book. Even when they were at the height of their success, they were willing  to help out when we wanted a quick on-air chat.

I’ve had the opportunity to introduce them onstage countless times; I’ve been fortunate enough to hang out with them backstage, on their bus, in a bar, and came to know them as good people who cared about other people, especially our military, farmers and blue collar working men and women.

Eddie has gone through some troubling times, including divorce, cancer,  the untimely death of his son. It breaks my heart that he has one more thing to add to his list of tragedies.

If you have never listened to platinum selling Tattoos and Scars (1999), this is one country album you need to hear. It is one of the best, especially for the “Rebel loving crowd” or those into a more Southern Rock sound. Don’t let it end there. Examine more of their music. They are an amazing Grammy nominated duo.  Two other albums, “My Town” (2002) and “You Do Your Thing” (2004), also went platinum status.

Although Troy is no longer with us, I know his music will live on and be remembered as some of the best stuff country ever had to offer.



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