Review: Jackie
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Review: Jackie

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We were able to catch an early screening of the much anticipated film “Jackie” on Tuesday night, and we very much enjoyed it.

The movie already has a lot of buzz, having been nominated for several Independent Spirit Awards including Best Picture and Natalie Portman unanimously receiving Best Actress nominations.

Portman is amazing. She delves deeply into the psyche of Jackie Kennedy at three different points in her life: establishing herself in the White House, witnessing the death of her husband, and later relaying her experience as First Lady to an eager reporter. There is no emotion we don’t see Portman play, and the acting by the rest of the cast is comparable.

SAG Awards Nominations

Our only gripe with her portrayal would be with portions of the recreation of Jackie’s White House Tour. Sometimes Portman’s diction as Jackie felt exaggerated. For the most part though, she nails the First Lady’s famous timbre.

It is a contemplative movie, and not for those with a tendency to fidget. Also, a basic understanding of the history of the Kennedys is useful.

We give it 4/5 Garys! If you see it, let us know what you think!


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