Review: La La Land
Marley McMillan

Review: La La Land

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I did not love La La Land. There. I said it.

I saw the movie on Saturday afternoon, and I was underwhelmed by the plot, the acting, and the music. So basically everything.

The plot centers around two entertainers struggling to make it in Hollywood, and what would have happened down the line if different decisions were made. We’ve seen the if/then concept before (Sliding Doors, for example), and for this movie to be nominated to its wit’s end feels very self-serving for Hollywood.

Emma Stone does a fine job in the film, but I have no idea how Ryan Gosling received any nominations. He doesn’t do a bad job, but there just isn’t a lot for him to do. It is certainly in no way a groundbreaking performance.

And finally, a redeeming quality of many musicals would be to say, “at least the music was great!” Except that it wasn’t. It was the music of Once, without the magic. Again, unoriginal.

I give it 2.5/5 Garys. I thought it was ok. I could watch it on a rainy Saturday afternoon and probably enjoy it, the same way I might feel about other niche artsy flicks like Amelie. But one of the best movies of all time? Absolutely not.

Did anyone else feel this way?!?!

Let me know what you thought of La La Land in the comments below.





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