My Review Of Mother! Starring Jennifer Lawrence
Dawn McClain

My Review Of Mother! Starring Jennifer Lawrence

I want to start off this review of Mother! By stating that this is not a movie for everyone.  If you have no interest in religion or health of our planet, this is not for you.  If you are easily disturbed by steady cam  close shots, or constant over the shoulder shots…this movie is not for you.  If you don’t like feeling confused or uncomfortable, this is not for you.

I was really intrigued by this movie.  I actually can’t stop thinking about it!  It really captivated me in a way that most jump-scare horror movies can’t do.  It gave me that feeling of dread, that only the greatest dark film makers can pull off.

I will not be recapping what happens in this movie.  Part of the “fun” of this film was spoiled for me by knowing some key elements about what the title refers to.  The director, Darren Aronofsky wants you to have an “ah ha” moment where you grasp the symbolism in this allegorical film that by the way, is beautifully shot.  There was that moment for me when I realized who each character was and their relation to mankind.  From then on, the film unfolded like a beautiful scary secret.

I absolutely loved this film, from beginning to end.  The message, once realized, can come off as somewhat preachy at times, but overall the enormity of this topic deserves the all-out frenzy  created by the characters.  Jennifer Lawrence gives an incredible performance, as well as her co-star Javier Bardem.  Other shining stars are The Revenant’s, Domhall Gleeson and his brother, Brian Gleeson who play real brothers in the film.  Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris play their strange long-suffering parents.  Pfeiffer’s performance should throw her into Oscar nominations for best supporting actress.  She is unsettling to say the least.  You don’t want to be left alone in a room with her.

There was a woman who was deeply disturbed by some images in the movie, I want to warn you.  She left the theater at the end sobbing, because of her recent miscarriage.  I normally wouldn’t bring up that topic, but as a warning to anyone who has raw emotions about this very personal loss, please be aware that you will see some crazy disturbing things, and if those wounds are fresh for you, I would avoid this movie.

I love a film that makes me contemplate life, from the macrocosm to the microcosm; this film travels through history, time and space.  What a great original piece.  I hope Darren Aronofsky is nominated for best original screenplay and directing.  Mother is that good, and deserves the attention and praise.  I give it a solid A!

I can’t wait to see it again.



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