Review: NBC’s “This Is Us”
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Review: NBC’s “This Is Us”

Chrissy Metz, left, and Justin Hartley participate in the "This Is Us" panel during the NBC Television Critics Association summer press tour on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

A brand new “dramedy” premiered on NBC on Tuesday night, and hey! I liked it.

“This Is Us” begins with a written message detailing various birthday statistics. You know the idea of the birthday is going to be significant, but you don’t know why… yet.

The show then kicks off four separate plotlines: one of a husband and wife expecting triplets, another of a businessman who has just found his biological father, a single woman struggling with her weight, and finally her brother, an actor disenchanted by his current role as the “manny,” or man nanny, on a popular yet trite sitcom.

*Spoiler Alert*

You discover the relationship between all of these storylines at the end of the show, when the husband and wife lose their third triplet, and adopt a third, abandoned baby at the hospital, who you realize is the aforementioned businessman. You don’t realize until that moment that the husband and wife’s story is set many years before the others, which you now know are the couple’s three children.

Confused? Probably. It’s hard to explain, but watching it call come together on-screen was surprisingly harmonious.

As far as the quality of the show itself, the acting and writing is good. The production value is on par with that of other network dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s no “Breaking Bad.”

One of my favorite parts of the show, and decidedly one of its most unique elements, is the storyline of the woman struggling with her weight. As the actress who plays Kate, Chrissy Metz expressed in the after show, it’s not often you see a plus-size woman on-screen who’s not acting as a punchline (About 3:00 in the video below).

She plays the lead female character, and to show her struggle with weight loss feels so real, fresh, and important.

I will be tuning in again next week. I give the show 4/5 Garys!

“This Is Us” airs Tuesdays at 9 pm CST on NBC.


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