Richard Branson has unlimited vacation policy for employees!
Colleen Lindstrom

Richard Branson has unlimited vacation policy for employees!

Ummm, whatever you’re doing right now for a job, drop everything and fill out an application to work for Richard Branson at The Virgin Group.

You see, his employees have an unlimited vacation policy. UNLIMITED!!!

His “non” policy operates under the assumption that employees will be responsible for deciding to take breaks when they need them and when their absence will not inhibit the work flow.

He implemented this change when he realized that Netflix also has a policy of no vacation policy. In other words, they too do not keep track of their worker’s vacation days.

He, and other business owners who have adopted this strategy hope that more businesses will look into this as a means of boosting employee morale and aiding in a better work life balance.

I give you my full permission to bring this very article to your boss at your current workplace and ask her or him if perhaps it’s time to consider a shift in vacation management.

Please know that I cannot take responsibility for the fact that they will probably laugh hysterically and shut the door in your face. But, hey, at least you got a meeting with the boss, right?

Feel free to point out to your boss that Richard Branson is a super duper bajillion-aire. So, he must be doing something right.




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