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Ridley Scott teases extended Napoleon cut featuring more Vanessa Kirby

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Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott has revealed he has an extended cut of Napoleon.

While speaking to Empire for a new interview, the Napoleon director teased that he has an extended cut of the film timing at four and a half hours long and featuring more scenes with Vanessa’s character Empress Joséphine.

Calling the unreleased 270-minute version “fantastic”, Ridley told the magazine that he would “love Apple to eventually screen it”.

The historic epic’s theatrical release clocked in at 158 minutes, or just over two and a half hours.

The extended cut would showcase “more of Joséphine’s life before she meets Napoleon”, according to the British director.

Vanessa and co-star Joaquin Phoenix, who portrayed the titular Napoleon in the film, also weighed in on the unreleased cut.

Having called Napoleon “an astonishing story”, Joaquin advertised that its extended cut “captured some of the most interesting moments”.

Vanessa gushed over Joaquin’s performance in the movie, saying, “Joaquin studies the psyche, and the psyche of Napoleon is so strange. The film feels like that.

“It’s kind of peculiar, and there’s an intensity in that. Napoleon wasn’t stoic and wonderful like Russell Crowe was in Gladiator. He was a dictator, a war criminal, really.”

Napoleon will hit theatres on 22 November.

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