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Riley Keough got Under the Silver Lake set shut down due to Andrew Garfield’s nut allergy

Los Angeles premiere of Amazon Prime Video's 'Daisy Jones & The Six'
Riley Keough

Riley Keough accidentally got the set of Under the Silver Lake shut down by eating a snack that her co-star Andrew Garfield was “very allergic” to.

The Daisy Jones & The Six actress revealed in a retrospective video for Vanity Fair that she caused the set of the 2018 movie to be temporarily shut down by eating a granola bar before a kissing scene with Andrew, who is allergic to all kinds of nuts.

“I was in the make-up trailer and I was eating a granola bar or something, and I was about to shoot a scene where I have to kiss Andrew,” Riley recalled. “And the make-up lady was like, ‘Are there peanuts in that?’ And I was like, ‘I think. I don’t know.’ She ran away and got a producer who was a friend of mine.

“The producer came in and was like, ‘Riley, Andrew’s very allergic to peanuts and we have to shut the set down.’ It shouldn’t have been at craft (services), and I don’t know why they’re on set. It was just kind of like, ‘Oh f**k, that’s crazy.’ But also thank God that this woman caught it, because I had no idea.”

In David Robert Mitchell’s neo-noir black comedy, Andrew played Sam, an aimless young man who investigates the disappearance of a mysterious woman named Sarah, played by Riley.

Outside of the “very stressful” peanut incident, the Zola actress had a great experience shooting the film near her home.

“This was a very cool movie to film because it was in Los Angeles,” she shared. “I’ve only ever been able to film three things in Los Angeles, which is where I live.”

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