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Rita Ora: ‘Being married is a wake up call’

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Rita Ora

Rita Ora feels much more mature following her marriage to film director Taika Waititi.

The R.I.P. singer and Taika tied the knot last year with a small, private ceremony – and the British singer already feels like a different woman.

Revealing what it’s like to be married, she said: “That was a really, really big milestone. I don’t think anyone really prepares you for it until you are in it.

“They say all these things, ‘be careful with this’, ‘make sure you have date nights’ and blah blah blah blah. But like you don’t physically actually know what it’s going to feel like until you do it.

“And so I think that was a big shock in the best way because you really are feeling like you’re maturing and that’s what they teach you. You get married, you mature, you become a lady, you become an adult, you become a woman.”

Although she feels much more mature, Rita is in no rush to have kids with her husband, who has two children from a previous marriage.

“Then it’s like have kids and all these things they teach you,” she adds. “But I’ve never believed in that. But I feel like being married… it’s a big decision and it was a real wake up call for me of knowing, ‘Whoa, I’m really in control of my life,’ because that was such an impactful choice.”

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