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Rita Ora found confidence as a songwriter while making third album

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Rita Ora

Rita Ora became more confident in her songwriting skills while making her third album.

The I Will Never Let You Down singer was more involved in the songwriting process during this album cycle because she felt more confident about suggesting her ideas for tracks.

“With this album, I’ve just been very brave and confident. I’ve written a lot of songs on this album, I’ve been in every session, and if not, I’ve altered songs to fit me. I’ve never done that before with any album: really done all the work and written every single song or been a part of every single song process,” she told GQ Hype.

“My confidence grew as a songwriter. I can suggest things in the room and not feel silly about it. I’m way more confident about my ideas and my visions.”

When she started work on the album a year and a half ago, Rita felt nervous about writing “very personal” lyrics.

“I never really committed to the songwriting as much with the first and second album as I have with this, but after a few weeks of getting into the groove of it, I realised I could really do this,” she continued. “I can stand and sing on the mic forever, but in understanding the world of songwriting I was getting a bit nervous, because it’s a very vulnerable and open album.”

The 32-year-old explained that the untitled album captures the moment in her life when she fell in love with director Taika Waititi, whom she reportedly married last summer.

Rita released You Only Love Me, the lead single from the album, on Friday. The record will drop later this year.

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