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Rita Ora has ‘become funnier’ since marrying Taika Waititi

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Rita Ora

Rita Ora has become a “funnier” person since marrying Taika Waititi.

During a joint interview with the star couple for Vogue Australia published on Wednesday, the Anywhere singer shared that she and her director husband like to “joke around”.

“I actually feel like I’ve become funnier,” Rita confessed to the magazine. “Because I thought I was already funny, I was the funny girl in my crew. And now we’re together, I have to constantly remind people that I am also a really funny person because now there’s two of us.”

The Jojo Rabbit director added that the couple like to “steal each other’s jokes”.

“You know, I’m from New Zealand. And we’re a little underplayed. So I say my jokes and it’s in a very subtle, underhanded manner. If you miss it, you miss it. And if people miss it, Rita takes the joke and says it again,” Taika quipped.

Prior to the pair tying the knot in August 2022, Rita, 32, and Taika, 47, enjoyed a years-long friendship after being introduced by Robert Pattinson at a barbecue the director was hosting in Los Angeles.

Taika recently directed the music video for Rita’s latest song Praising You, which paid homage to Fatboy Slim’s original Spike Jonze-directed video, Praise You.

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