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Rob Lowe shares tribute to his ‘inspiring’ wife on their 32nd anniversary

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Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe honoured his wife Sheryl Berkoff on the couple’s 32nd wedding anniversary on Sunday.

The 59-year-old Parks and Recreation star took to his Instagram on Sunday to pay tribute to his make-up artist wife, 62.

“Today marks 32 years married to this beautiful, inspiring, nurturing, strong, industrious, sexy, and wonderfully unique woman,” the St. Elmo’s Fire actor captioned a photo of Sheryl.

He added, “I am SO grateful for the day she said she’d join me on our amazing life journey together. Happy Anniversary, Baby!!”

Lowe and Berkoff married on 22 July 1991, and they have two sons together; Matthew 30, and John, 28.

In April, Lowe shared some secrets of the couple’s three-decade marriage on Bruce Bozzi’s Table For Two podcast.

“It’s all about who you choose… Sheryl was and is my best friend. So if you marry for anything other than the fact that it’s your best friend, you’re at a disadvantage from the jump. ‘Cause that will sustain when the other stuff ebbs and flows,” he told the host.

The actor added that marriage requires “work”, “forgiveness”, and being “really cognizant of what hill you’re willing to die on”.

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