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Robbie Williams gets candid about past cosmetic procedures

Robbie Williams Concert in Perth
Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams has opened up about his past cosmetic procedures and what made him stop.

The former Take That member took to Instagram to divulge details of the various cosmetic procedures he has undergone over the years.

“One time I had a few things done, botox, fillers and something done to my chin and that made me look like Desperate Dan. Perhaps 5 years ago,” the 49-year-old wrote, alongside a nude drawing of himself in bed featuring the words, “I’ve had a few things done.”

Robbie continued in the caption, “Nothing since then. It was when I was on the Graham Norton Show with Justin Timberlake, Daniel Ratcliff and Anna Kendrick (sic).”

The Candy singer, who appeared on the talk show in 2016, admitted that although he thought he “looked good” after the tweaks to his face, he has been put off by the pain of the procedures.

“I have to say. I looked good…” the performer wrote. “To be honest I would of done it again if it didn’t hurt so much.”

The Feel singer compared getting the cosmetic work done to being “battered” in a pub.

“Anyway I probably will do something again…Who knows…I might not…” he teased.

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