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Robert De Niro reacts to Al Pacino’s baby news

The 92nd Annual Academy Awards
Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro has reacted to Al Pacino’s news about his new baby.

During an interview on The Today Show on Thursday, the iconic actor shared his thoughts on the Scarface actor’s baby news.

The 79-year-old said he is “very happy” for his close friend and Irishman co-star, 83, who is expecting his fourth child with girlfriend Noor Alfallah.

“He’s a few years older than me,” the actor said. “God bless him.”

Robert, who recently welcomed his own baby at age 79, was asked by the interviewer about fatherhood at his “stage in age”, to which he replied that he has a “certain awareness” about parenting.

“When you’re older, you have awareness of certain things in life, dynamics. Everything, family dynamics,” the Oscar winner explained. “You can’t avoid learning certain things and then how you can deal with those, manage them and this and that.”

Robert is also the father of Drena, 51, Raphael, 46, twins Julian and Aaron,37, and Elliot, 25.

Al is also already a parent to Julie, 33, and twins Anton and Olivia, 22.

The Godfather actor has not yet commented on the pregnancy.

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