Robert Pattinson declared ‘most beautiful man’ in the world
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Robert Pattinson declared ‘most beautiful man’ in the world

Robert Pattinson has been declared as the world’s “most beautiful” man by a top plastic surgeon.

Dr. Julian De Silva measured the eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw, and facial shape of many male celebrities, using the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, and concluded that the Twilight actor came closest to the Greeks’ idea of perfection.

“The 33-year-old actor was found to be 92.15 per cent accurate to the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi – which measures physical perfection,” Dr. De Silva wrote on Instagram. “The list was compiled using the latest computerised mapping techniques. Robert Pattinson was the clear winner when all elements of the face were measured for physical perfection.

“The Golden Ratio was a mathematical equation devised by the Greeks in an attempt to measure beauty… The premise behind this is that the closer the ratios of a face or body are to the number 1.618 (Phi), the more beautiful they become.”

Pattinson’s chin, eye position, and nose length/width came the closest to perfection, while his lips scored the lowest percentage.

Justice League star Henry Cavill came in second on Dr. De Silva’s most beautiful list with 91.64 per cent, followed by Bradley Cooper in third with 91.08 per cent, Brad Pitt in fourth with 90.51 per cent, and George Clooney in fifth with 89.91 per cent.

Clooney had previously topped the list but had dropped down to fifth as “the effect of ageing on the 58-year-old had resulted in a loss of volume in the face,” Dr. De Silva explained.

Retired sports star David Beckham came in seventh place, although he had a near-perfect ratio in the size of his nose and his lips.

Back in October, Dr. De Silva declared Bella Hadid the world’s most beautiful woman, followed by Beyonce and Amber Heard.

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