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Roger Taylor: ‘George Michael would not have been a good fit for Queen’

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George Michael

Queen star Roger Taylor has shot down long-standing rumours suggesting George Michael turned down the job as the band’s new frontman following Freddie Mercury’s death, insisting he was never offered the role.

The late Careless Whisper singer fronted the group for three songs during the 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in London, but the gig was a one-off – and it would be more than a decade before Queen hit the road with rocker Paul Rodgers.

Many fans thought Wham! star Michael had been offered the gig, but Taylor tells Classic Rock George would never have been a good fit as Queen’s frontman.

“I remember hearing the rumours but it wouldn’t have suited us,” the drummer sayid. “George wasn’t really used to working with a live band. When he heard the power he had behind him in rehearsal, he couldn’t believe it. He thought he was on Concorde or something.”

American Idol star Adam Lambert currently serves as Queen’s lead singer.

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