Rolling Stones created ‘Satisfaction’ at Scientology HQ!
Bradley Traynor

Rolling Stones created ‘Satisfaction’ at Scientology HQ!

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What the what? This is by far the craziest pop culture footnote I’ve come across all day.

Turns out Monday marks the 50th anniversary of “Satisfaction,” one of the most iconic Rolling Stones songs of all time. And a little piece in the Tampa Bay Times alleges the song itself was brought into creation at the very hotel that would later become the world headquarters of the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida!

The most popular account is that the riff and lyrics both originated at the Jack Tar Harrison Hotel, later known as the Fort Harrison Hotel, which since the mid ’70s has been part of the worldwide spiritual headquarters of the Church of Scientology. Their stay here May 6 is well documented through vintage photographs and newspaper reports.

Bizarre coincidence, right? The story doesn’t end there. Better yet, the piece alleges Scientology officials sought to remove the spirit of the Stones from their premises.

When they took over the premises, they are supposed to have had the room, supposedly on the 6th floor, ‘cleaned’ of the Rolling Stones’ influence.” (Inquiries to the Church of Scientology on this matter received no reply.)

What on God’s green Earth were they afraid of? Apparently “satisfaction” wasn’t a priority for the Church.





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