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Ron Livingston to replace Billy Crudup as Barry Allen’s dad in The Flash

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Ron Livingston

Ron Livingston has stepped in to replace Billy Crudup as The Flash’s dad.

Crudup was forced to exit the role of Henry Allen, which he portrayed in 2017’s Justice League, due to scheduling conflicts related to season two of AppleTV+ series The Morning Show, and now his replacement has been found, according to Variety.

Other newcomers include Ian Loh as a young Barry Allen, Derry Girls star Saoirse-Monica Jackson and internet personality Rudy Mancuso, who have been cast in undisclosed roles.

Office Space actor Livingston will star alongside Y Tu Mama Tambien actress Maribel Verdú, who was recently announced to be playing Barry Allen’s mother, and Ezra Miller, who is reprising his role as Barry Allen/The Flash.

The cast also includes Kiersey Clemons, who plays his love interest Iris West, Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Sasha Calle as Supergirl.

Michael Keaton was thought to be playing his iteration of Batman but he revealed to Deadline earlier this week that he has not yet sealed the deal due to Covid-19 concerns.

“I keep my eye more on the Covid situation in the U.K. than anything,” he said. “That will determine everything, and so that’s why I’m living outside the city here on 17 acres, staying away from everybody, because the Covid thing has got me really concerned. So, that’s my first thing about all projects. I look at it and go, is this thing going to kill me, literally? And you know, if it doesn’t, then we talk.”

The Flash is being directed by It filmmaker Andy Muschietti from a screenplay by Birds of Prey scribe Christina Hodson. It is believed to be going into production in London later this year ahead of a November 2022 release.

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