Why Rosie is leaving “The View” straight from Rosie
Colleen Lindstrom

Why Rosie is leaving “The View” straight from Rosie

“On we grow” says Rosie O’Donnell in closing during this YouTube video explaining her exit from “The View.”

Since she made her comeback to the show, she has been plagued with rumors about behind the scenes fighting and back stabbing. So, it came as no surprise when she announced she was leaving.

What came as a surprise was the reason why. Her health. The rumors had us believing that conflict on set would be the reason she’d leave, and that she’d likely be shown the door.

But she decided to leave, and though she hasn’t spoken about it on the show, and apparently WILL not speak about it on the show, she took to YouTube to explain her exit and what it has to do with her health and her divorce.

See Rosie in Rosie’s words:



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