Rosie Perez to leave ‘The View’
Colleen Lindstrom

Rosie Perez to leave ‘The View’


Well, that was quick.

Rosie Perez announced on Wednesday’s edition of “The View” that her first season hosting “The View” will also be her last. It is anticipated that her last show will be the final original show of the season, August 6.

She is leaving to pursue her passion of acting.

Points for keeping it light and kind, but Rosie Perez has been pursuing acting since the 80’s. It’s not like she’s some young up and comer who tried something only to find out she loved something else.

My guess is that either Rosie had enough of the “The View” having no direction or “The View” has once again decided to go in another direction.

Here’s the problem, the direction “The View” should be going is off-the-air, but they keep trying to pull this show out of the ratings doldrums.

Good luck to Rosie Perez. And good luck to “the View.”




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