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Ruby Stokes admits Bridgerton exit ‘wasn’t an easy decision’

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Ruby Stokes

Ruby Stokes has explained why she left Bridgerton after two seasons.

While speaking to Variety for an interview published on Tuesday, the British star explained that she exited the series after two seasons to film her new Netflix project Lockwood & Co., in which she plays Lucy Carlyle.

“It wasn’t an easy decision. But it was incredible being part of a cultural moment like Bridgerton,” Ruby said. “The versatility in acting is so joyous, and there was something about Lucy that just drew me to her. I found her very exciting and being presented with that opportunity, I wanted to take it and explore it.

“Every lesson I learned on Bridgerton was so valuable, and it propelled me, and allowed me to go on and take on a lead role on another show.”

The actress was offered the Lockwood & Co. role in between seasons one and two of the Netflix period drama, in which she played Francesca Bridgerton. Production on both projects coincided so Francesca was absent for the majority of season two.

“I did see the memes people were creating, and they tickled me! They were funny and very joyous,” she added of the fans’ reactions to Francesca’s disappearance in Bridgerton’s second season. “I think the fans of both Bridgerton and Lockwood & Co. were very supportive and encouraging and fun about it all. But I don’t want to delve too deep sometimes, because you can read a lot of stuff and start overthinking things.”

Hannah Dodd will portray Francesca in Bridgerton from season three onwards.

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