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Rumer Willis admits baby’s name was inspired by typo

Rumer Willis Shows Off Her Post-Baby Progress In The Giving Movement Lounge Wear
Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis has admitted her baby Louetta’s name was inspired by a typo.

While speaking to People for an interview published on Tuesday, the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actress confessed that she and her boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas named their new baby Louetta over a typo.

“We were thinking about the name Loretta, and it was a typo,” Rumer told the outlet. “Her dad and I were texting, and he left the ‘R’ out of Loretta, and it was just Louetta.”

“I was like, ‘Oh, I love that!'” she continued of the name. “I feel like it was one of those kind of divine intervention universe moments, and we figured it out actually quite early in my pregnancy.”

Though Rumer “fell in love” with the name, she worried about whether it would fit her baby.

“What was scary was, I love this name, but oh man, is it going to be her name? Is it the right name?” she recalled thinking. “What if she comes out and doesn’t look like this?”

Gushing over the name’s “versatility”, she explained, “I fell in love with the name so much, so early on, that I was then worried that it wouldn’t work. But then she came out, and I mean, to me, at least right now, I was going to name her Lou, whether she was a boy or a girl…

“If she doesn’t feel like a Louetta, she can go by Lou, she can go by Etta. She can go change it up throughout her life. Whatever she wants.”

The actress, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, welcomed Louetta Isley Thomas Willis on 18 April.

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