Rumor has it: Kim and Kanye will get married… AGAIN
Colleen Lindstrom

Rumor has it: Kim and Kanye will get married… AGAIN

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Sources say that for Kim and Kanye’s first anniversary, Kanye has big plans to whisk Kim and her family away to Paris, where the pair allegedly fell in love, to renew their wedding vows.

Doesn’t it sometimes seem like Kanye read a book about how to be romantic and he’s pulling out all the tricks he read about? For example, on Mother’s Day he literally had “thousands” of roses delivered to Kim on the road to her hotel room. Which, of course, she instagram-ed.

And now, the one year vow renewal. Which will no doubt be a major, well photographed event that we will be forced to witness through the magic of social media.

Is it really necessary to renew your vows after just one year of marriage? I mean, congrats on the first year, and all, but it’s only been 365 days. Though, in Hollywood years, one year is equivalent to a decade. So, I suppose it’s appropriate, especially given the fact that many of us didn’t even think they’d make it a year.



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