Running Wild With Bear Grylls!
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Running Wild With Bear Grylls!

I love every reincarnation of a Bear Grylls show. Man Vs. Wild, Get Out Alive, and Running Wild with Bear Grylls!

Last Night on “Running Wild” the celebrity was Kate Winslet. She was so fun, saucy, and down to earth.

The two of them talking was great! I could listen to them all day! I’ll admit, the British accents is what got me.

At one point the two of them started a fire with a tampon and lip balm!

During the night confessional, Kate played a prank on Bear. IT WAS HILARIOUS!

She said she was sick and pretended to puke.

Bear was like “Oh I’m so sorry, it must have been the worms we ate”

Kate goes “Gotcha!” I love her!

You can watch the full episode here!

And Who knew Bear’s real name was Edward Michael?!



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