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Ryan Dorsey shares how son Josey remembered Naya Rivera on Mother’s Day

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Ryan Dorsey

Ryan Dorsey has shared how his son remembered Naya Rivera on Mother’s Day on Sunday.

In a Sunday Instagram post, the Big Sky actor shared his son Josey’s tribute to his late mother.

Ryan shares the seven-year-old with Glee star Naya, who died in July 2020 in a drowning accident.

“@joseydorsey did a Mother’s Day butterfly release for Mama with Grandma and Grammy (& Bess),” Ryan captioned with photos of Josey outdoors with an Elf on the Shelf toy. “Afterwards he held his little elf to the sky with a smile and said: ‘Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven, Mommy.'”

Naya and Ryan first met in 2010 and briefly dated before splitting. They reconciled in 2014, married in July that year, and welcomed Josey in September 2015.

Ryan revealed in his post that he recently found the elf toy while renovating Josey’s room.

“I’ve been renovating his room and in doing so, the house is a bit of a mess… Bess somehow showed up a couple days ago because I apparently didn’t put it away right,” the actor recalled. “It happened to fall out of a blanket behind a mirror. But for him it was just right.”

“His spirit is incredible,” Ryan concluded of his and Naya’s son. “Hug ’em if you got ’em.”

In November 2016, Naya filed for divorce, but called off the separation in October 2017. She refiled in December that year and the pair finalised their divorce in June 2018.

The pair’s joint custody arrangement was modified in March 2020 to give Naya primary custody of Josey, but after Naya’s death in July that year Ryan was given sole custody.

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