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Ryan Gosling reveals Eva Mendes and their kids ‘inspired’ his performance as Ken

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Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has revealed Eva Mendes and their kids “inspired” his performance as Ken in Barbie.

During an interview with Extra, the Canadian actor stated that his partner, Eva, and their two children, were a large part of his role in the upcoming live-action film.

“She has basically become my acting coach,” Ryan, 42, said of Eva, 49. “All of this is inspired by her and my kids. They were just really with me all the time on this. We moved to London together, there were certain scenes I needed their help with. Specifically, my kids came to set one day in particular and were cheering me on.”

The couple, who have been romantically linked since 2011, share two children, Esmeralda, 8, and Amada, 7.

“I think they were very confused why I wanted to play Ken,” the Notebook star said of his daughters. “They don’t want to play with Ken, why would I want to play with Ken? But I said, ‘That’s why.’ They were like, ‘Okay…’ So they’re being supportive, but a little Ken-fused.”

The La La Land actor insisted that the highly anticipated film will be a good watch for men.

“There is so much in this for the Kens. So many guys come up to me and whisper they want to see the Barbie movie. I don’t know why we are whispering. It is okay, it’s okay to want to see it — it’s great.”

Ryan added, “Barbie’s been a cultural icon for my whole life. Now, it’s time to show up and pay our respects to the queen.”

Barbie will premiere in cinemas on 21 July.

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