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Ryan Reynolds reacts to Wrexham soccer team’s $12 million loss

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Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds joked he was going to “throw up” after learning his soccer team Wrexham AFC lost $12 million.

During Welcome to Wrexham’s second season, Wrexham AFC co-owners, Ryan and Rob McElhenney, were informed that the Welsh club lost “loads” of money since the pair acquired it in 2021.

After Ryan asked, “Quantify loads for us,” Wrexham’s Advisor to the Board Shaun Harvey clarified that the club lost approximately $12 million.

Upon hearing the sum, Ryan declared, “I’m gonna throw up.”

However, Shaun assured the co-owners that “the value that’s coming from the global appeal we’ve been able to create is going to offset those additional costs that we’ve created”.

He added, “The biggest thing that’s going to change on promotion… people can see the value of Welcome to Wrexham… That’s when the additional sponsorship revenue can be generated.”

King Charles III and Queen Camilla visited the Welsh team last December and met with Ryan and Rob.

“I had the opportunity to see one of the other wonders of Wrexham, namely the football club, which is busy putting Wrexham on the map as never before,” the King said after his visit. “And, of course, this comes after the Welsh national team has brought unprecedented international recognition to Wales through qualifying for the World Cup.”

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