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Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson tried to out-rollerskate each other on set of Bliss

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Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson have recounted the playful friendship they struck up while rollerskating for their new film, Bliss.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Hayek and Wilson recalled one scene in the Mike Cahill sci-fi drama, in which they needed to skate, drew out their competitive spirits.

Wilson was loftily confident before the skating shoot, assuming he could simply “channel some 1979 Dallas birthday parties”, but Hayek confessed she needed coaching.

“I was completely awful at it,” she said, “then something clicked when we were shooting. And I started to get better.”

She went on jokingly: “Owen was like, ‘Woah, woah, woah! Don’t get better than me.'”

Wilson plays central character Greg Wittle in the film, while Hayek stars as Isabel Clemens, a woman who tries to convince him he is living in a simulation.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cahill said the pair produced a unique on-screen dynamic.

“I feel like Salma is the storm,” Cahill mused, adding: “and Owen is the life raft. He’s the surfer in the storm you want to hold on to, as it’s going through this crazy chaos.”

Since the production wrapped, Wilson and Hayek have both filmed roles for upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, with Wilson starring as Mobius in Disney+’s Loki, and Hayek portraying Ajak in Eternals.

Bliss has been released by Amazon Studios this month.

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