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Salma Hayek gushes over ‘enriching’ friendship with Angelina Jolie

48th Toronto International Film Festival: 'El Sabor de la Navidad' Premiere
Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek has gushed over her “enriching” friendship with Angelina Jolie.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight while at the Toronto International Film Festival on Wednesday, the actress, 57, shared details of her friendship with the Maleficent star, 48.

“Everything,” Salma told the outlet when asked what she loves most about their relationship. “She’s been very, very enriching in my life, in so many ways – as mothers, you know. Most of all, as artists.”

The Grown Ups star added that she and Angelina have continued to get “closer and closer” over the years.

“And it’s just natural. It’s just something that flows,” Salma noted.

The Hollywood stars have worked together on multiple projects, including the upcoming film Without Blood, directed by Angelina.

During a 2022 interview with People, Salma said that her long-time friend is “probably the best director I’ve ever worked with… and I worked with some pretty good ones”.

She continued, “I’ve always loved her as a director, but I think this might be her best, or one of the best.”

The pair also starred in the Marvel film, Eternals, which was released in 2021.

Salma attended the Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of the Mexican drama-comedy El Sabor de la Navidad, which she produced.

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