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Salman Rushdie has lost sight in one eye and use of one hand following attack

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Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie has lost sight in one eye and the use of one hand following a “brutal” attack earlier this year.

In August, the Midnight’s Children author was stabbed repeatedly by a man who rushed onto the stage shortly before he was due to start a lecture at the Chautauqua Institution in New York.

Now, agent Andrew Wylie has offered an update on Rushdie’s condition.

“(His wounds) were profound, but he’s (also) lost the sight of one eye… He had three serious wounds in his neck,” he told Spain’s El País newspaper. “One hand is incapacitated because the nerves in his arm were cut. And he has about 15 more wounds in his chest and torso. So, it was a brutal attack.”

Wylie declined to give any further details on the 75-year-old’s health or whereabouts.

“I can’t give any information about his whereabouts. He’s going to live…That’s the more important thing,” the agent continued.

Hadi Matar was charged with attempted second-degree murder and second-degree assault in relation to the incident. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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