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Sam Neill describes Robin Williams as the ‘funniest’ but ‘saddest’ person he’s ever met

The 2011 Fox Upfront
Sam Neill

Sam Neill has described his late co-star Robin Williams as both the “funniest” and the “saddest” person he has ever met.

The 75-year-old reflected on the time he spent with Williams shooting 1999’s Bicentennial Man in his new memoir, Did I Ever Tell You This?, and described the late actor as “irresistibly, outrageously, irrepressibly, gigantically funny”.

However, the Jurassic Park actor could also sense a “dark space inside” the Good Will Hunting star.

“He had fame, he was rich, people loved him, great kids – the world was his oyster. And yet I felt more sorry for him than I can express. He was the loneliest man on a lonely planet,” Neill wrote, recalling how Williams seemed “inconsolably solitary, and deeply depressed.”

The actor gained this insight from the “great chats” they had in their trailers during the production He noted that Williams switched his funnyman persona back on whenever he left his trailer.

“Funny stuff just poured out of him. And everybody was in stitches, and when everybody was in stitches, you could see Robin was happy,” he remembered.

Williams, who suffered from depression for many years, died by suicide at the age of 63 in 2014. His autopsy later revealed that he had been living with undiagnosed and severe Lewy body dementia.

Did I Ever Tell You This? was released earlier this week.

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