The Sandlot reunited, and Where’s Benny?
Colleen Lindstrom

The Sandlot reunited, and Where’s Benny?

The cast of one of my favorite movies of all time reunited on the Today Show and… hold on… WHERE’S BENNY???

The whole team was present and accounted for, except for the guy that I had the biggest crush on. Benny. Oh well, you should see Squints now. He’ll steal your heart these days.

The movie is now 25 years old, which is crazy because I could swear I’m only 22 years old. Anyway, in celebration, the whole cast sat down with The Today Show to reminisce, and talk about life after the Sandlot.


And now you want to go home and watch “The Sandlot.” You’re welcome.
But honestly, this is just an excuse for me to relive this moment from the celebration of their 20th anniversary, when I got to meet Squints and Ham!

But seriously, Benny, where are you?



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