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Sarah, Duchess of York remembers Prince Philip as ‘wise yet terrifying’

Sarah Ferguson Duchess Of York On 'The View'
Sarah, Duchess Of York

Sarah, Duchess of York used to worry about making “silly comments” to Prince Philip.

During a recent interview for Alan Carr’s Life’s a Beach podcast, the TV personality asked the British royal whether her late father-in-law ever offered her advice.

“It’s quite interesting. The Duke of Edinburgh used to say, ‘Remember Sarah, you’ve got to be electable, but never elected.’ Resonates, right?” she asked, to which Alan replied, “He came across as a very wise man.”

And while Sarah, also known as Fergie, agreed, she also noted that Philip could be very stern.

“You had to be on your best. If you asked a silly comment, you were certainly told it was a silly comment. Terrifying!” the 63-year-old explained.

Elsewhere in the chat, Sarah mimicked one of their conversations.

“‘Did you go driving today? Car or horse?’ Oh God, sorry! Yes! Uhh!” she recounted. “And then you lose all your confidence.”

Sarah was married to Prince Andrew, the son of Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, from 1986 until 1996.

The duke died at the age of 99 in April 2021.

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