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Sarah Ferguson shares nicknames for her breasts following mastectomy

Sarah Ferguson arrives at the 'Live with Kelly and Ryan' show studios
Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York revealed she has given both of her breasts nicknames following her single mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.

The 63-year-old mother of two shared the news during the latest episode of her Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah podcast, which she co-hosts with entrepreneur Sarah Thomson.

“I’m just coming to terms with my new best friend Derek on my left, and he’s very important because he saved my life,” the Duchess quipped.

Sarah – also known as Fergie – revealed she began calling her reconstructed breast Derek because “it made me laugh that I have a friend now that is with me all the time who is protecting me with his shield of armour”.

She added, “Poor Eric on the right is feeling rather sad because he’s not as perky as Derek on the left, but I’ll get Eric balanced, don’t worry.”

Sarah learned of her breast cancer diagnosis after a routine mammogram screening. She underwent successful surgery in June at King Edward VII Hospital in London.

After news broke of her diagnosis, the Duchess encouraged everyone to get a screening on a June episode of the podcast.

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