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Sarah Snook pregnant with first child

New York Season 4 Premiere Of ‘Succession’
Sarah Snook

Sarah Snook has revealed she is expecting her first child.

While walking the red carpet at Succession’s Season 4 premiere in New York on Monday, the Australian actress debuted her baby bump and confirmed her pregnancy to Entertainment Tonight.

“It’s exciting!” Sarah told the outlet. “I feel great.”

She revealed to ET that she was 32 weeks pregnant and that she had been with child while filming Succession’s fourth season.

“I mean, you couldn’t super tell,” Sarah added, noting her belly wasn’t “super big” when she was filming.

The 35-year-old also assured fans that they wouldn’t have to wait “too much longer” to meet her baby.

The actress wore a black jumpsuit, silver cover-up, and diamond necklace to the event, which she attended with her husband, comedian Dave Lawson.

Sarah and Dave were close friends for years before they fell in love in 2020, when they platonically moved in together during Australia’s Covid-19 lockdown.

She proposed to Dave months into their relationship and they tied the knot in her backyard in Brooklyn in February 2021.

The fourth and final season of Succession, in which Sarah plays Siobhan ‘Shiv’ Roy, debuts on Sunday 26 March.

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