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Scott Rudin accused of abusive behavior in new expose

Golden Globe Awards Arrivals
Scott Rudin arrives at the Golden Globe Awards Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

Top Hollywood producer Scott Rudin’s alleged abusive behavior has come under scrutiny in a new expose.

The Oscar winner’s short temper is reportedly well-known throughout the industry, but his actions are facing new criticism after a number of ex-employees spoke out about the toxic environment experienced at Scott Rudin Productions in an article for The Hollywood Reporter.

In the piece, Rudin is accused of once smashing a computer monitor on an assistant’s hand, leaving him bleeding and in need of emergency medical treatment, after failing to secure the producer a seat on a sold-out flight back in 2012.

The alleged victim refused to comment on the matter for the publication, but another former assistant, Andrew Coles, recalled the incident marking a change in the office atmosphere.

“We knew a lot could happen. There were the guys that were sleeping in the office, the guys whose hair was falling out and were developing ulcers. It was a very intense environment, but that just felt different,” Coles said.

Among the many other alleged incidents outlined in the article, another one-time Rudin staffer claims the No Country for Old Men producer once hurled a baked potato at him in anger after a representative from independent entertainment company A24 showed up for an unexpected meeting.

Former executive co-ordinator Caroline Rugo accused Rudin of firing her six months after she adjusted her punishing work schedule to squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise to treat her diabetes, on the advice of her doctor.

She’s since settled into a development job at Netflix, and the change in workplace atmosphere came as a complete “shock to the system”.

“Now that I have established myself here and I am a part of a team where my opinions are respected and welcomed, I have no issue speaking out about Scott. Everyone just knows he’s an absolute monster,” she added.

Meanwhile, top Hollywood producer and four-time Oscar nominee Megan Ellison, who worked with Rudin on the Coen brothers’ 2010 Oscar-nominated western True Grit, added her own scathing comments regarding her former colleague as she shared the article on her Twitter page.

“This piece barely scratches the surface of Scott Rudin’s abusive, racist, and sexist behavior,” she wrote. “Similarly to Harvey (Weinstein), too many are afraid to speak out. I support and applaud those who did. There’s good reason to be afraid because he’s vindictive and has no qualms about lying.”

Rudin’s representatives declined to comment on the various allegations.

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