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Sean Hayes’ hypochondria inspired new podcast

Sean Hayes

Will and Grace star Sean Hayes is set to launch a new health-related audio series inspired by his hypochondria.

The actor is obsessed with his own medical problems, many of them imagined, so he has teamed up with Doctor Priyanka Wali, who is also a comedienne, to grill guests about their ailments on the podcast, titled, HypochondriActor.

“I did this for free medical advice,” the star, who confessed he’s definitely a “hypochondriac”, joked to Variety.

“I constantly think about everything that’s wrong with my body. You can literally say any part of my body on the inside or outside, and I’ll probably have a story about it.”

Sean detailed some of his messiest medical issues to date, including the time he was “swallowing all this blood because it’s coming out of my nose like a bath tub faucet (tap),” and his current battle with painful foot condition plantar fasciitis.

“I’m an open book,” he added. “My favourite part of talk shows are when people come on and they talk about their medical issues, because I think it connects us.

“If you’re suffering from an ailment that they’re talking about, it makes you feel like you’re not alone. Maybe it normalises it and gives you hope.”

The new venture isn’t Hayes’ first podcast – he launched another, Smartless, with pals Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, last summer (20).

HypochondriActor debuts on 5 May.

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