The Season 19 Premiere of The Bachelor!
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The Season 19 Premiere of The Bachelor!



Season 19 of ABC’s “The Bachelor” premiered on Monday night, and as one person mentioned at my viewing party, “I forget how much I’ve missed these promos.”

As ABC always wants and succeeds in convincing us to believe, this season looks like it could be the juiciest ever.

Promos for the season include your standard tantrums and amorous declarations, but at least one unique situation came to light on last night’s episode: Chris behaving inappropriately with one woman in a tent. (Or as Lori put it to me as soon as I arrived at the office today, “He totally screwed one of them right in the beginning!!”)

DUH DUH DUH. I say it every time: this is going to be good.

Ok, so let’s recap. (I’m a fan of brevity.)


For the first time ever, the first hour of the premiere was a red carpet event for fans and Bachelor alums. We saw Andi and Josh (who are apparently still together #questionable) and Nikki, but they didn’t have much to say.

Catherine Lowe, Sean Lowe’s wife, meanwhile, did have something to say —  to me, on Twitter, after I speculated she might be expecting (she covered her stomach with her purse and shawl all night).

Finally, the episode begins.

Chris welcomes the ladies in standard fashion as they arrived in limos at the mansion. His polite, kind and almost dorky demeanor is admittedly endearing.

Drama ensues when 15 women arrive, and think they are to be the only contestants. Obviously another three limos soon arrive, upping the number of women to 30, exceeding 25 for the first time on the show.


Kaitlyn tells inappropriate jokes.

Tara gets drunk.

We get to know the crazies: Amanda and Ashley S (Ashley S: “I wrote in my journal this idea of sunflower fields.”).

And finally, Chris hits it off with Britt.

If you need to catch up on the girls’ bios, click here.

Now, to the rose ceremony.


Kara, the one who greeted Chris by saying they’d make “the cutest babies!!!”

Amanda, the big-eyed crazy

Bo, the nice, plus-size model

Michelle, the wedding cake decorator with two kids

Reegan, who might have actually brought Chris a human heart

Brittany, the WEE Diva-in-training

Nicole, the cute red head!!!!!! Boo. I liked her pig nose gimmick.

Kimberly, the yoga instructor who actually refuses to accept her dismissal


“The Bachelor” returns Monday at 7 pm CST, where we will find out what comes of Kimberly’s refusal to leave.

Also, based on the promos we’ve seen so far, I’m thinking we’re keeping an eye on Chris’ relationships with Britt, Kaitlyn, Kelsey and Jade.

Stay tuned to for next week’s recap and analysis.

Cheers to this vulnerable journey,


P.S. Here’s my Bachelor fantasy draft team.

P.S.S. I also caught Chris’ interview on Jimmy Kimmel last night, in which he revealed possibly a lot more than he should have (!) about this season’s contestants.

Don’t watch if you’re particular sensitive to spoilers!


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