The season 2 finale of Outlander has me wanting to time travel to the future
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The season 2 finale of Outlander has me wanting to time travel to the future

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Season 2 of Outlander on Starz concluded on Saturday night, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the finale.

Spoiler alert if you are not caught up on this show, in which case I banish you to a television until you are finished. Thank you.

Ok, hey.

The episode centers around Claire set in 1968 and flashbacks to Scotland right before the Battle at Culloden in 1746, in which present Claire presumes Jamie to have been killed.

In 1968, Claire’s daughter Brianna is all grown up and digging into her parents’ history, finally discovering that Frank was never actually her father. Claire tells her the story of the stones, and Brianna has none of it.

The return of Geiliss is a major plot twist that eventually leads to the realization by Brianna that her mother is telling the truth, and also that Jamie may still be alive.

With that, Claire turns back to the stones with her mind set on another travel through time.


The whole episode I was thinking, how can they possibly create another season of this show? Jamie is dead!

Low and behold, they ripped that certainty out of our minds with the ease with which Claire flings herself through solid rock, and thank goodness for that. I, along with Claire, also could not bear Jamie’s death.

I cannot WAIT for this show to return in 2017.

Oh, and there’s a whole lot of confusing time travel conflicts that I don’t understand, but at almost 30, I’ve given up on understanding this aspect of fantasy. I learned my lesson with Harry Potter.


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