Second Chance Friendship ex-sister-in-laws Lauren and Katrina
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Second Chance Friendship ex-sister-in-laws Lauren and Katrina

Second Chance Friendship (Tuesdays at 7:30am) is a spin-off of our popular segment Second Chance Romance (Thursday at 7:30am)!

5/28 Second Chance Friendship ex-sister-in-laws Lauren and Katrina

Lauren needed our help communicating with her ex-sister-in-law Katrina. Katrina has been avoiding her for two months and she doesn’t know why. We asked Katrina.

5/21 Second Chance Friendship Cassie and Sara 15-year friendship

Cassie and Sara have been friends for 15 years; they have been very close through ups and downs in life. Two weeks ago, they got together and Cassie realized Sara was acting strangely and has no idea why. We called Sara to ask and she’s fed up. Why? She told us.

5/14 Second Chance Friendship high school friends Allison and Nate

Allison and Nate have been friends for more than 10 years. He has been pulling away from their friend group since December. Allison recently found out he’s hanging out with the rest of the group individually and avoiding her. What’s going on? We asked Nate.

5/7 Second Chance Friendship former neighbors Renee and Lisa

Renee needed our help. Former neighbor of 6 years, Lisa, has been avoiding her and she doesn’t know why. She only moved a couple blocks away and their annual garage sale is coming up. Renee doesn’t know if Lisa is participating. We asked Lisa what’s going on.

4/30 Second Chance Friendship yogi friends Pamela and Carrie

Pamela and Carrie met at work and quickly became yoga besties. They took a lot of classes together and now when Pamela sees her at the club, she ignores her. Why? We asked Carrie.

4/23 Second Chance Friendship high school friends of 15 years Hallie and Laronda

Hallie and Laronda have been friends since high school. They have been through a lot together in their 15 years of friendship, being each other’s maids of honors and having children. For the last few months, Laronda has been avoiding Laronda. Why? We asked her and it got a little weighty.

4/16 Second Chance Friendship cosplayers Ellie and John

Ellie and John met at a ComiCon and their love of a game brought them together as fast friends. They made duo cosplay outfits and she even celebrated Christmas with his family. Since then, he’s been MIA. Why? We asked him and things got awkward!

4/9 Second Chance Friendship Brent and Landon 8 year friendship

Brent and Landon met working at Target 8 years ago. Landon was the first person Brent came out to and has been a very supportive friend. But in the last two months, Landon has been ignoring him and no longer goes to Game Night. What’s going on? We asked Landon.

4/2 Second Chance Friendship besties Hallie and Amelia

Hallie and Amelia met at toddler reading group at the library and became fast friends 3 years ago. Recently Amelia has been distant and short with Hallie. She hasn’t heard from her in a month. What is going on? We asked Amelia. This is a first for us!

3/19 Second Chance Friendship besties Cynthia and Ann

Cynthia and Ann have been friends for 15 years. Cynthia is planning her wedding! Since the announcement, Ann has been distant. She really wants Ann’s help. What’s going on? We asked Ann.

3/12 Second Chance Friendship book club friends Elise & Kelly

Elise and Kelly were in book club together and became close friends. Now two months later, Kelly is ghosting Elise and she doesn’t why. We asked her!

3/5 Second Chance Friendship Comedy Karaoke

Ryan and Mark have been friends for 10 years; Ryan was Mark’s life coach. Recently, Ryan has noticed Mark is avoiding him. Has he and why? We asked him.

2/26 Second Chance Friendship game night friends Rebecca and Nicole

Rebecca and Nicole usually ride to game night together. Lately, Nicole has been finding excuses not to drive together and when they are both there, she avoids Rebecca. Rebecca has no clue why; we got a hold of Nicole and asked her.

2/19 Second Chance Friendship college friends Troy and Lisa

Troy needed our help. His friend of 12 years Lisa hasn’t talked to him for a month! There’s nothing romantic between them, in fact, she’s engaged and the three of them have hung out many times. What’s going on? We asked Lisa. She needed a break.

2/12 Second Chance Friendship bridesmaids Charity and Erin

Charity is the maid of honor in her friend’s wedding and is worried about her friend and fellow bridesmaid Erin. The wedding is 6 weeks away and Erin told the bride and bridesmaids she doesn’t want to be part of the bridal party anymore. Why? We asked her. This one is butt clenching, biatches!

2/5 Second Chance Friendship neighbors Amber and Ryan

Amber and Ryan live across the hall from each other and have been friends for a year. For the last three weeks, he has been avoiding her and she is feeling very uncomfortable. We called Ryan to see what’s up and it looks like she was fishing for something he can’t help her catch.

1/29 Second Chance Friendship crafting friends Layne and Callie

Layne and Callie have been friends for years! Callie even helped Layne get ready for her holiday party making a craft/goody bag for her guests. Since then that dinner party, Callie’s ghosting Layne. Why?!

1/22 Second Chance Friendship Lindsey and Katie

Lindsey knows that her roommate Katie is upset with her. It all started happening when she got a boyfriend. Is she jealous? Is she missing girl time? Find out the shocking conclusion involving Eggos!

1/15 Forever friends Chloe and Jenny

Chloe and Jenny grew up together and even went to college together. They talked all the time, but now Jenny is avoiding Chloe and she doesn’t know why. She knows it’s something she did. She talked to Chloe’s sister who said Jenny’s mad, but doesn’t want to get in the middle. What’s up? We asked Jenny.

1/8 Movie friends Felicia and Rebecca 

Felicia asked for our help; why is Rebecca, a friend of 5 years, brushing her off? She knows things have become more stressful at work for Rebecca, but why doesn’t she want to get away for a quick movie like before? We asked Rebecca. Did she say, “bye Felicia” for good?

12/11 Best Friends Carolyn and Nina

Carolyn and Nina have been best friends since college.  Nina hasn’t spoken to Carolyn since a Halloween Party.  Was it her costume that was slightly offensive?  Was it something Carolyn did when she was drinking?

11/27 ex-spouses Francine and Daniel

This Thanksgiving Daniel, broke the ex-spouses’ 18 year tradition and didn’t show up for the feast. Francine asked us to help and see why he made that choice this year. Could it have something to do with their daughter? Or his new wife? We got a hold of him and asked.

11/20 friends Erica and Janelle

Erica, Janelle and their husbands have been friends for years. Erica hosts a lot of parties at her house and Janelle have been MIA for 2 months now. Her excuses are lame and Erica is convinced it’s something more. She’s right. There’s a lot more. Janelle has a few things to say.

11/13 friends (now co-workers) John and Jessica

John and Jessica have been friends for 6 years. A few months ago, John helped Jessica get a job at his workplace. They went out to coffee and lunch for the first 3 weeks and now she’s avoiding him. He doesn’t know why. We asked her.

11/6/18 co-workers Natalie and Jill

Natalie and Jill work together in sales. Natalie noticed a few months ago after going to a wedding shower together that Jill has changed. She even asked their boss to be taken off projects with Natalie. What’s going on? We asked her.

10/30/18 moms Tammy and Angela

Tammy and Angela became friends through their kids’ activities. They volunteer at events and participate in school fundraising efforts. Angela has been ignoring Tammy and Tammy doesn’t know why. She even pretended to not hear her when Tammy called her name in the parking lot. What is going on? We asked her. Will our winning reconnecting friends streak continue?

10/23/18 former roommates Alisha and Regina

Alisha and Regina were roommates for 8 years. Alisha recently moved out and is making it as an artist. But Regina has ghosted her. What’s going on? We asked Regina.

10/16/18 yoga friends Hilary and Jaqueline

Hilary and Jaqueline have been namaste friends for years; their kids love spending time with each other. But recently Jaqueline has been MIA at their workout sessions and in life outside the gym. What’s going on? We called Jaqueline and asked her.

10/9/18 besties Justin and Randy

Justin and Randy have been friends for years, but haven’t seen each other for months. Justin wants to know why Randy has avoided him. He admits he is loud and obnoxious, but can’t think of what happened to change so dramatically. We called Randy and he told us the scary reality.

10/2/18 besties Amanda and Wess

Amanda and Wess have been best friends for 12 years. He hasn’t been getting back to her like he used to and didn’t want to go to their annual Duluth trip this year. What is going on? Could it be his new job? We called him and got the dish.

9/25/18 acting friends Jennifer and Lisa

Jennifer and Lisa have been friends for a decade! They go to auditions for acting gigs together and their daughters are in the same dance class. But recently when Lisa sees Jennifer, she avoids her. Jennifer asked for our help to figure out why.

9/18/18 ex-work friends Marjorie and Allison

Marjorie owns a daycare center and asked for our help connecting with a former employee and friend Allison. Why did Allison find another job? And why hasn’t she reached out since she left? We asked her.

9/11 traveling baseball moms Gayle and Abby

Gayle and Abby have been friends for more than 5 years. Their sons play on the same traveling baseball team and for many years, their families went to tournaments together. Things changed this last summer; Abby doesn’t want to carpool and share hotel rooms anymore. Gayle is wondering what’s really going on? We asked Abby.

9/4/18 college friends Molly and Jasmine

They have been friends for 10 years. Molly has had a couple life changes; she just got married and started a business. Jasmine now avoids her at parties and has unfollowed her on social media. WHY? We asked her.

8/21/18 Devin and Renee

Devin asked us to help her contact Renee. They went to Vegas for a girl’s trip. Devin said they had a grat time, but when they got home, Renee and others on the trip no longer talk to her. Why? Ohhhhh we found out Devin failed to tell us one MAJOR detail.

8/14/18 Meredith and Ben 

Meredith and Ben go way back and have been friends since college. Ben moved away for a few years and has recently moved back. Meredith keeps asking him to go out and party like the good old days, but Ben doesn’t seem interested. Let’s get this friendship party started!

8/7/18 Susan and Maryanne cabin time gone

Susan and Maryanne have been friends for 8 years. They used to be neighbors, but even after Susan moved away they spent time at Maryanne’s cabin and on skiing trips with their boyfriends. Chirp, chirp, chirp is all Susan is hearing from Maryanne now. Why? We found out what was being swept under the rug.

7/30/18 neighbors Gretchen and Samantha

Last summer Gretchen and Samantha’s families spent a lot of time together by the pool. This summer, not so much. Samantha has rejected Gretchen’s invite 6 times and she wants to know why. That’s where we can help; we got a hold of Samantha…and well, you hear.

7/24/18 Jessica and Hallie

Jessica asked for our help. Her friend Hallie has ghosted their Thursday night Happy Hour group since February. The group misses her and has no idea why she is no longer going. We talked to Hallie and figured it out.

7/10/18 Missy and Christina

Missy asked for our help. Her friend since junior high recently got married and since the wedding, Christina hasn’t answered her messages to get together. Why? We asked her and got to the bottom hem of it.

And today was its debut!

6/26/18 Sasha and Dana

Sasha and Dana go way back. They went to college together and Sasha just got a job at the same company. She asked for our help; why is Dana giving her the cold shoulder? We asked her.


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