Second Chance Romance realtor Annie and client date
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Second Chance Romance realtor Annie and client date

5/23 Second Chance Romance realtor Annie and client date

Realtor Annie needed our help to find out what’s going on with Mike. They met at an open house and he asked her out for a dinner date. She said the conversation was great and they even kissed at the end of the night. But now he’s ghosting her…why? We tried to ask him. In the end, she did get an answer.

5/16 Second Chance Romance Eric and Amber went for a walk

Eric and Amber met online and went on one date — dinner and a walk after. He said he was charming and respectful and doesn’t understand why she hasn’t responded to his text to go on another date. What is going on? We asked Amber; we were not expecting her answer.

5/9 Ella and Andrew went bowling

Ella and Andrew met online and texted each other a lot before their first date. They finally went out to dinner and bowling. They hugged goodbye and chirp chirp chirp chirp. That’s all she’s hearing from Andrew. Why is he ghosting her? We asked him.

5/2 Car-lovers Ruth and Paul

Ruth and Paul went on one date to a car show and lunch. She texted him after the date hoping to set up a second date; he responded 3 days later and was cold and distant in his reply. Why? We asked him.

4/25 Andrea and Kyle’s college campus date

Andrea and Kyle go to the same college and were set up by friends. He’s ignoring her on campus and hasn’t texted him back. What’s going on? We asked him.

4/18 Pool playing Hal and Jordan

Hal’s sister encouraged him to call us for help with Jordan who has ghosted him now after their first date. They met playing pool at a bar and really hit it off. They went on one date after that back to the same bar; he thought the date went great. He has attempted to ask her on another date, but he’s only hearing crickets from Jordan. Why? We asked her. Things got awkward!

4/11 Sarah and Mark’s MOA lunch date

Sarah and Mark met online and went on one date last December. Sarah tried to contact him to set up another date, but heard nothing back. She really likes him and has been thinking about him for the last 5 months! When we got Mark on the line, he said she was “interesting.” Does this get better? Listen here.

4/4 Tinder daters Wendy and Nicholas

They met on Tinder and went to a pub, even won trivia night! She really liked him, but hasn’t heard back from him. What’s going on? We asked him.

3/28 Rob and Anita name

Rob and Anita met on a dating app. They went to an art museum and out to dinner. Rob loved the conversation and really wants to go out with her again. That date was 2 months ago. What is going on? We asked her.

3/14 Gordon and Carol love animals

Gordon is a vet tech and met Carol at a charity bingo event. They went on one date to the zoo and dinner after. He wants to go on another date, but she’s ghosting him and he’s not sure why. He said he followed all the rules. Hmm…what’s going on? We asked her.

3/7 Procrastinators find love?

Billy and Vanessa met in line at the courthouse. They went on one date and Billy said he had a great time eating good food and enjoying each other’s company. No kiss at the end of the night, but he wanted to go on another date. She has been ghosting him and he doesn’t know why. We asked her.

2/28 Gym romance Gabe and Marcus

Gabe and Marcus met at the gym. They bonded over how nasty people can be there. Gabe asked Marcus on a date; they went to the bar, the club and then to Marcus place. The next morning Gabe left and Marcus texted him to hang out again and then…crickets. WHY? Marcus had no problem telling us.

2/21 Daddy’s Little Girl and Aaron

Selena and Aaron met online and went one date. She told us he left 45 minutes into the date, but she thought it went great. But she hasn’t heard from him. Why? We asked him.

2/14 Server Rhonda and guest Alfonso!

Alfonso has been eating breakfast served up by Rhonda for years. She finally asked this smoking hot customer on a date. She said she had a great time with Alfonso, but when she came back after a bathroom break, he shut down! Why? We asked him. Did we find love today?

2/7 Brad ghosting Tyler for 2 months!

Tyler and Brad met online. They went on one date to a bar. Tyler said they had great conversation and he really liked Brad. They went to another bar and after some conversation, Brad got up and left. That was two months ago. What is going on? Luckily, Brad was open to talking with us.

1/31 Samantha and Charlie — A Warrant for Concern

Samantha and Charlie met through mutual friends.  Something happens on the way to their date that causes Charlie to rethink who he is dating.

1/24 Aaron and Carrie — A Forgotten Second Date

Aaron has good intentions for wanting to settle down.  He works hard and plays hard.  They meet at a sports bar, they go out on a date but there is a second

encounter that only one of them remembers.  Yikes.

1/17 bicycler Rodney and Jessica — what a gas! 

Rodney and Jessica went on one date. They had some tea and talked about gardening. He said they have similar interests and now she’s ghosting him. Why? Her answer was unexpected (and very uncomfortable)!

1/10 Kimberly and Natalie kiss in the park

myTalker Kimberly went on one date with Natalie. She likes her a lot even though she admits she was very nervous on their date. But they kissed at the end. Why isn’t she calling her back to set up another date? We asked her.

1/3 Adam and Genevieve went bowling

Adam needed our help. He went on two dates with Genevieve. The first date for coffee went well and the second out to dinner and bowling ended abruptly with her leaving. He doesn’t know why. We called her and asked her why.




12/6 Mentor Shawn and Lilly

Shawn and Lilly met at a young entrepreneur group where he’s a mentor. He asked Lilly on a date and they talked about the business she is starting. He thought the date was great, but worried he bored her. He has tried to set up another date, but has been unable to get a hold of her. We called and asked her. Her view of the date was remarkably different.

11/29 Mail Carrier Scott and Marianne

Scott delivers packages to Marianne’s house 3 times a week. They always flirted a little bit and then one day, Marianne gave him a note with phone number on it. They went on one date and when he tried to set up a second one…chirp chirp. WHY? We tried to ask her.

11/15 Amy and Craig — she took him home

Amy and Craig met at a townie bar and hit it off right away. They went on their first date the next night and met at the same bar. Amy asked for our help because Craig is ghosting her now. She said she had a lot of fun with him even invited him to her place. They danced and when she went to the bathroom and came back, he bolted. Why? We asked him.

11/8 Bikers Mark and Hailey

Mark and Hailey met at a charity bike event; he asked her on a date and he said they had a great time riding his motorcycle together and laughing. They even kissed at the end of their date! He has texted her twice and called once, but she’s ghosted him. WHY? We asked her and it appears he forgot to tell her (and us) something important.

11/1 Cosplayers Sabrina and Matthew

Sabrina and Matthew met at a local comic convention. They went bowling on their first date and sober Sabrina said they had a great time. But now, she’s hearing crickets from him. What’s going on? We asked him.

10/25 Body builder Jordan and Marissa

Jordan and Marissa met at a fitness challenge. They went on two dates; the first one out to dinner and a play and a second to a pumpkin patch that led to a sleepover at Jordan’s house. She hasn’t called him back after their hook up session to set up date three. What’s up with that? We asked her.

10/18 Travel Blogger Tim and Rebecca

Tim and Rebecca met on Tinder and went on one date. Rebecca is a single mom, a nurse and Tim really liked getting to know her. But she’s not calling him back to set up a second date even though they kissed at the end of their first one. What’s going on? We asked her and we weren’t prepared for her answer.

10/11 live music lovers Carly and Benjamin!

Carly and Benjamin met at a live concert. They both like to discover new bands and enjoy live music; they went on a second date and Carly said she had a great time so much that her bra strap broke and she needed to take her bra off. It’s been a couple weeks and she doesn’t know why Benjamin hasn’t called to set up another date. What’s up with that? We asked him.

9/27 hiking with Tim and Lacey!

Tim and Lacey met on a dating site. They went hiking and out for drinks after. He thought it went great, but it’s been three weeks and she hasn’t called him back. What up with that?! We called her and asked.

9/20 Josh and Amanda: note in her meat?!

Josh asked for our help. He went on one date with Amanda — after slipping a note into her deli meat — and had a great time at a baseball game. She got a little weird at the end of the date, but he doesn’t know why and now she’s not answering his texts or phone calls. This one has an abrupt ending. Eck!

9/13 Justin and Paul: ax throwing!

Justin and Paul went on one date; they threw axes! Justin asked for our help; he went in for a hug and got a pat on the back. What happened? Does Paul want to go on a second date?

9/6/18: Erin and Jeremy: teachers in a candy shop

Erin and Jeremy — both teachers — went on a fun date to the largest candy store and to anb orchard for some apple picking. They kissed at the end of the night and now all Erin is hearing from Jeremy is crickets. Why? We asked him.

8/16/18: Daniel and Ramon: AWKWARD!

AWKWARD! We found out why Ramon was so mysterious.

8/9/18: Brittany and Andrew: what is happening?!

Brittany and Andrew went on one date. But how many dates has she been on? And is Andrew interested in another date? We got to the bottom of it!

8/2/18: Gabe & Rochelle: mini golf stream

Gabe and Rochelle met on Tinder and went mini golfing on their first date. He thought she was quiet, but still had fun. They even took a selfie at the end of the night. Why is she ghosting him? Rochelle told a very different tale. What she said was a first for us on Second Chance Romance!

7/26/18: Claudia & Chris: no dessert?

Claudia and Chris went on one date. She’s a fashion student and he’s a single dad. They went out to dinner and even though Claudia said there was some awkward pauses in the conversation, she had a great time. She’s tried to reach out to plan another date, but he hasn’t responded.

7/19/18: Phillip & James: pressing buttons!

Phillip and James went on a couple dates. They went back to James’ house after the second one to watch a movie. Phillip has tried to set up another date with James, but he’s hearing crickets. What’s going on?

7/12/18: Bailey and Jeremy…what’s that smell?

Bailey and Jeremy went on one date. They met online and she said there was an awkward hug at the end. She texted him two and a half weeks ago and hasn’t heard back from him. We got a hold of Jeremy and he told us why he’s been ghosting her.

7/5/18: Eric and Sarah! Concert drama!

Eric and Sarah went on a couple dates. Eric told us the second date was to a concert of one of her favorite bands. She was stand-offish the entire time. He likes her and doesn’t know what happened. It’s been 9 days. We got a hold of Sarah and she gave us the 411.

6/28/18: Wess and Jennifer!

Double duty server Wess is a waiter, Jennifer met him while she was on another date. Was he a player or is she?

6/21/18: Katie & Vivian!

Katie and Vivian went on one date. Katie really likes Vivian and noticed she was a little standoffish at the end of the night. Why did the vibe of the date change? We found out!

6/14/18: Cory & Angie!

Sometimes you have to realize that you already got the date! As Miss Shannan says, “YOU BE HALF YOU”!

6/7/18: A pic with Dick Cheney

Hannah and Benjamin went on one date. She liked him, but knows something is wrong. He’s ghosted her and doesn’t know why. We got to the bottom of it…seriously.

5/31/18: There’s something about Darren!

Darren and Heather met on a plane and planned a baseball game date when they both got back to the Twin Cities. Darren said the date went great, but Heather is ghosting him. WHY? We got to the bottom of it!

5/24/18: Didn’t she tell you?!

Carrie and Joel went out on two dates. She had a wonderful time and said that he was “husband material.” But after their second date, he has not called her back to plan a third one. We got a hold of Joel and wow, oh wow…just listen.

5/17/18: Marco, but no Polo (at first)

Gayle asked Marco, a dad at the school her kids attend, out on a date. They went to the symphony. She really liked him, but hasn’t heard from him to set up a second date. We got a hold of Marco and figured out why; the end shocked us too!

5/10/18: Plumber’s Dilemma

Justin and Alaina went on one date. After dinner, she went to his place, but only stayed an hour. He really likes her and wants to know why she hasn’t responded to his texts. It’s been a month. We plunged the situation. Will they go on a second date on us?

5/3/18: Dramatic much?

Brandy and Ben were set up by friends and went out on one date. They skipped the movie they planned to see because their conversation was that enthralling. Brandy had a great time and thought Ben did too. Why is he ghosting her?

4/26/18: Sex…and a lot of it

Mary and Kenneth went on one date. Mary is new to dating after getting out of a 14 year old marriage. Did she say something wrong? Why isn’t he calling her back?

4/19/18: Tighty Whitey Wonder

James and Deirdre met on Tinder and Neflixed and chilled. She left before the night was over and hasn’t called or texted James back. Why? We got to the bottom of it.

4/12/18: Too Much Planning?

Brad and Craig went on one date. They made out at the end of the night, but Craig has ghosted Brad!!!

WHY? We got to the nitty gritty.

4/5/18: Where’s the beef?!

And what’s the beef? Jennifer and Alex went on one date; Jennifer likes that Alex has many interests in life. Was she too passionate about something and that’s why he’s ghosting her? We got to the bottom of it.

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