6/21: Katie and Vivian!
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6/21: Katie and Vivian!

6/21/18 Katie & Vivian!

Katie and Vivian went on one date. Katie really likes Vivian and noticed she was a little standoffish at the end of the night. Why did the vibe of the date change? We found out!

6/14/18 Cory & Angie!

Sometimes you have to realize that you already got the date! As Miss Shannan says, “YOU BE HALF YOU”!

6/7/18 A pic with Dick Cheney

Hannah and Benjamin went on one date. She liked him, but knows something is wrong. He’s ghosted her and doesn’t know why. We got to the bottom of it…seriously.

5/31/18 There’s something about Darren!

Darren and Heather met on a plane and planned a baseball game date when they both got back to the Twin Cities. Darren said the date went great, but Heather is ghosting him. WHY? We got to the bottom of it!

5/24 Didn’t she tell you?!

Carrie and Joel went out on two dates. She had a wonderful time and said that he was “husband material.” But after their second date, he has not called her back to plan a third one. We got a hold of Joel and wow, oh wow…just listen.

5/17 Marco, but no Polo (at first)

Gayle asked Marco, a dad at the school her kids attend, out on a date. They went to the symphony. She really liked him, but hasn’t heard from him to set up a second date. We got a hold of Marco and figured out why; the end shocked us too!

5/10/18 Plumber’s Dilemma

Justin and Alaina went on one date. After dinner, she went to his place, but only stayed an hour. He really likes her and wants to know why she hasn’t responded to his texts. It’s been a month. We plunged the situation. Will they go on a second date on us?

5/3/18: Dramatic much?

Brandy and Ben were set up by friends and went out on one date. They skipped the movie they planned to see because their conversation was that enthralling. Brandy had a great time and thought Ben did too. Why is he ghosting her?

4/26/18: Sex…and a lot of it

Mary and Kenneth went on one date. Mary is new to dating after getting out of a 14 year old marriage. Did she say something wrong? Why isn’t he calling her back?

4/19/18: Tighty Whitey Wonder

James and Deirdre met on Tinder and Neflixed and chilled. She left before the night was over and hasn’t called or texted James back. Why? We got to the bottom of it.

4/12/18: Too Much Planning?

Brad and Craig went on one date. They made out at the end of the night, but Craig has ghosted Brad!!!

WHY? We got to the nitty gritty.

4/5/18: Where’s the beef?!

And what’s the beef? Jennifer and Alex went on one date; Jennifer likes that Alex has many interests in life. Was she too passionate about something and that’s why he’s ghosting her? We got to the bottom of it.

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