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Selma Blair ‘in remission’ from multiple sclerosis

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Selma Blair

Selma Blair has revealed that she’s “in remission” following a three-year battle with multiple sclerosis.

The Cruel Intentions actress was diagnosed with the disease in 2018, and after experiencing intense pain and physical difficulties for a year, she decided to undergo a stem cell transplant and course of chemotherapy.

And she revealed during a virtual appearance at the Television Critics Association panel on Monday that while the treatments took a while to take effect, her MS is now in remission.

“My prognosis is great. I’m in remission. Stem cell put me in remission,” she said, reports People. “It took about a year after stem cell for the inflammation and lesions to really go down.”

She explained that she wanted to wait and share the positive news publicly.

“I was reluctant to talk about it because I felt this need to be more healed and more fixed,” the star commented. “I’ve accrued a lifetime of some baggage in the brain that still needs a little sorting out or accepting. That took me a minute to get to that acceptance. It doesn’t look like this for everyone… I have really felt unwell and misunderstood for so long that it’s just me.”

MS is caused by the immune system mistakenly attacking the brain and nerves, causing a wide range of possible symptoms, with the 49-year-old having difficulty speaking and being using her left leg.

Blair lifts the lid on her battle with MS in the upcoming documentary, Introducing Selma Blair, which premieres in October.

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