Seth Rogen live-tweets as he watches ‘Cats’ for the first time
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Seth Rogen live-tweets as he watches ‘Cats’ for the first time

Seth Rogen kept fans entertained on Tuesday night by tweeting a live commentary on the movie “Cats” as he watched it for the first time.

Tom Hooper’s film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage musical, which starred the likes of Judi Dench, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, and Rebel Wilson, was slated by critics in December and subsequently became a box office flop.

While self-isolating due to the coronavirus, Rogen decided to spend his time catching up with the much-ridiculed film, and he decided to live-tweet his reaction to it, much to the delight of his followers.

“I’m pretty stoned and watching Cats. I’ve never seen the Broadway show. It is truly trippy. Am I supposed to know what a Jellicle (cat) is? They’ve said it 200,000 times but I don’t know what’s happening haha,” he began, referring to the fictional type of cats which star in the film. “Also the scale is bizarre. The behind the scenes features, which are amazing, said the set is 2.5 times scale but that would mean cats are like 60 pounds in real life!”

The Knocked Up star continued to note his issues with the scale of the piece, which was designed to make the human actors look cat-sized, as well as certain wardrobe decisions, such as only certain cats wearing high heels or trousers.

“These cats are like 2 feet tall in this world. That’s a huge f**king cat,” he wrote, while another highlight included, “Judi Dench is in a cat fur coat which I can only assume is socially APPALLING in this world.”

He also poked fun in the content of the movie, by writing, “‘Let’s make 35 nonsense songs introducing cats!’ – The makers of cats,” as well as the special effects, by posting, “Ian Mckellan (sic) just straight up has normal fingers.”

However, he decided to leave one particular actor out of his critique – “Out of respect, I’ll leave Idris out of all this.”

During his commentary, a follower shared that her friend, who works in special effects, was hired to remove CGI buttholes from the cats, and Seth responded, “Release the Butthole Cut of Cats!!”

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