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Seth Rogen smoked marijuana with Megan Thee Stallion at Oscars afterparty

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Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen has claimed he smoked marijuana with Megan Thee Stallion at an Oscars afterparty over the weekend.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, host Jimmy asked the Knocked Up actor whether he had a good time at the Vanity Fair bash following the 2023 Academy Awards on Sunday night.

“I went to the Vanity Fair party, yeah. That’s the one I was invited to. It was fun. I hung out, I smoked some weed with Megan Thee Stallion and her brother… That was a good time,” he smiled.

Yet, Seth noted that he wasn’t entirely sure who Megan’s “brother” was as producers at the late-night talk show informed him that the rapper doesn’t have one.

“So now, I’m confused about this whole thing. I don’t know what I did that night if I’m being honest,” the 40-year-old continued, admitting that he and Megan’s friend did get on well. “Yeah, we really did hit it off – which is what’s unfortunate because he might not exist from what I’m hearing.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Seth revealed that the only person he is nervous to talk about weed in front of is his The Fabelmans director Steven Spielberg.

“No, never, he’s talked about it obviously, he’s joked about it and stuff like that, but no. I don’t want to be the guy who breaks Steven Spielberg’s f**king brain!” he joked. “You know what I mean? That’s a heavy burden! That’s the last thing I need.”

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