Seth Rogen voices concerns about Sony’s ‘Clean Version’ initiative
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Seth Rogen voices concerns about Sony’s ‘Clean Version’ initiative

Seth Rogen has voiced his disapproval of Sony releasing “clean” versions of their films.

The comedy actor is known for his outrageous movies, such as last year’s Sausage Party and The Interview, both of which were released by Sony Pictures.

On Tuesday, the company announced it is launching a ‘Clean Version’ initiative, which will allow viewers “to screen the broadcast or airline versions of select Sony films, free from certain mature content” through their televisions at home at no additional cost. Some of the films to be edited include Adam Sandler comedies 50 First Dates and Big Daddy along with action flicks including Hancock and Inferno.

Seth, 35, isn’t happy about the scheme though and took to Twitter to share his concerns.

“Holy sh*t please don’t do this to our movies. Thanks,” he posted. He was then asked by another user why he has concerns about Sony editing movies for individual sale if they are already editing them for airlines and basic cable.

In response, the star wrote, “1/2 I don’t dig any watered down version being out there, but those are done so ramshackle they would never pass for the actual product.

“2/2 I’d be worried these would be put together so well that in several years you wouldn’t know these weren’t the original films.”

The user, film reporter Adam B. Vary, then quizzed Seth on whether or not he would have any involvement in the toning down of his projects if Sony were to change them. But the curly-haired comedian didn’t seem too worried about his work being altered as much of it is far too adult to be aimed at a wider audience, noting “Yep. But I don’t think they’d be able to do this with our movies anyway. There wouldnt (sic) be enough screen time left.”

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